Mike Shinoda’s Speech in Reading Festival 2018

I heard you guys started a little chat earlier, for Chester. Listen you guys, doing this tour i have to tell you, i have to tell you we did, we just came from Asia and played a couple weeks of show out there. And getting up here doing this for me is really it’s in one sense it’s really fulfilling and it’s really an accomplishment just to kind of get over my own anxiety about doing it again.

And i have to be i have to be honest i really indebted to you guys for helping me get here. I don’t think i would be able to come out and do this if not for you. So thank you so much.

And in doing the show like you know since forever ago i mean we played, i think they said the last time we played here is it’s like 2003 it feels like i want to say it feels like this is the first time i’ve ever played.

And since that time like since the beginning of the band, we’ve always done meet and greets with the fans and seen you know fans before the show and one thing that’s been consistent about all of the meets and greet in the meet and greets people tell me stories and tell me you know how they relate to a song or what what’s something that how we did like how it intersected with their life and one thing that i’ve been hearing quite a bit is how some of you guys are going through something and how the connection to the music, helps you get through it.

With that said i think that there’s i know that there are some people out there who want to come you know myself, i want to come to a show, i want to come to a festival and have a great time. And then there are other people who  they’re still have their hurting you know and they’ve got some stuff going on. And i want you guys to know if that’s you then don’t be ashamed of that, you’ve no reason to be ashamed of that ever. Even it’s simple as you just really like or love Chester singing or you loved the band’s music or you just dealing with your own stuff that has nothing to do with us and it just pushes a button that makes you feel, i don’t know sometimes in trouble.

Hopefully by coming to these shows and enjoying the music and by engaging in this type of thing it makes some of that bad feeling just go away.

What we’ve always asked, what we’ve always asked to crowd on this song for years and years is to sing along with Chester, and that’s what i want you guys to do right now, you’re ready to do that? i don’t know if you’re quite ready. I want you guys to sing this so loud so Chester can hear you. Are you ready to do that?

(In the end).

Mike Shinoda, Reading Festival 2018 (August 25th, 2018)


Scrum Day Bandung 2018 – Session’s Material

Dear Scrum enthusiast,

Here’s my session’s slide on Scrum Day Bandung 2018:

  1. Busting The Myth: Scrum Has Too Many Meetings
  2. How Tools Helps Your Scrum Team

PS: I don’t guarantee you’ll understand the context. But don’t worry, I’ll share the recap on the different articles, so don’t miss it! i’ll let you know once it get published.

Thank you and see you around!

Design Sprint Meet Scrum – Scrum Jakarta (CiKemPon) 3rd Meetup

Group photo after the meetup

Hello Scrum enthusiast in Cilandak – Kemang – Pondok Indah – (and around) area!
Thank you for those who came to our last meetup. (Thursday, November 23rd 2017)
Thank you also to PT Asuransi Astra Buana (Pak Iwan) for a great venue.

There wasn’t a usual meetup that we had some speakers to shared a talk, we only did an open space. Open space is a session when we discussed everything based on what we want to discussed within the timebox. So, this is how we hold the session:
1. We are divided into 3 different group (each group will be facilitated by someone: Mas Aditya Suryomurtjito from Sepulsa, Mas Tommy Fadillah from Aleph Labs, and me)
2. Every member of the group got opportunity to share the topic that they wanna discussed, used a post it
3. Then we prioritized the topic to being discussed based on vote from member of the group, means the topic that we pick is the topic that still confusing by most of the people
4. Let’s discussed! (don’t forget to keep the timebox!)

Goal of the session: no more confusing on the most topic, and can you guest what is that? it’s basic Scrum. :”)

Yeah, we discussed everything related basic Scrum, it’s okay, there’s always a session to build the mindset first.

Then we discussed about Design Sprint – Scrum.

Myth that usually came up:

1. Design Sprint is sprint that held by product people (designer and PO) and should be held exactly before (Scrum) development sprint

Design Sprint involve everyone whose in charge or interact with the solution, it can be people outside tech and product team, it can be inside (developer). So it’s not only for designer and PO even though PO and designer might take a major role in the session.

Exactly before Scrum sprint? of course no, it’s not a mini waterfall for designer and PO. So, what is the goal of having a Design Sprint? please check next answer..

2. Design sprint is REQUIRED before we start a Scrum sprint, means no Design Sprint == no Scrum sprint

Goal of Design Sprint is to produce high quality backlog. High quality means validated and tested considered human desirability, business viability, and technical feasibility. So, it can help PO in terms of produce the backlog, but is it always required? the answer is: it can help but not always needed. For pretty straight forward solution and more technical feature, having a Design Sprint might overkill.

Then what is required to start a Scrum sprint? of course not always having a Design Sprint before it.
It is Product Backlog and Sprint Goal.

3. Design sprint is held in sprint planning

Remember, how many hours maximum for sprint planning? 4 hours. Then 4 hours for having a design sprint? of course not enough.

4. Additional time needed in design sprint means less time for all member of the team to developed and delivered the feature

Not all member of the team required in Design Sprint. It can be adjusted based on possibility scope of the solution. If it’s probably impacting front end then we can only invite one of front end guy (not all fronties from that team). It’s also applied to stakeholder, if it’s only touch operation issue, no need to involved marketing guy isn’t it?. Be effective!

Then, don’t forget to consider %capacity of the team that probably involved on Design Sprint so we can include it into capacity calculation during a sprint planning.

5. There’s no any other methodology other than design sprint to produce a great product backlog

There’s no silver bullet. :))

Sharing session after open space

Sharing session after open space

Sharing session after open space

So, what is the best way to accommodate Design Sprint into Scrum?

Design Sprint is one of great way in order to produce high quality backlog, which is something that Scrum framework not really told deeper. So, it’s complementary. Just do Design Sprint separately with Scrum sprint so our product backlog pipeline will always filled with a great one. And just do Scrum sprint as usual as long we have list of product backlog and Sprint goal.

Hope those can help. If it’s still confusing? let’s meetup in our next meetup!

Scrum Jakarta (CiKemPon) 3rd Meetup

Scrum Jakarta – Chapter CiKemPon 2nd Meetup

Scrum Jakarta CiKemPon 2nd Meetup

Dear #scrum enthusiast around Cilandak – Kemang – Pondok Indah – etc,

After successfully run the 1st meetup, we will have another one!

On our 2nd meetup, we will discuss why Scrum does not work in Indonesia. We will discover all blockers, challenges, etc from those who currently struggling and face the problem every day, with Rudy Rahadian from XL Axiata & Asep Roni Setiawan from Bank Danamon. Recommended for Scrum Master.

There will be an open space to discuss and share what action items, tips, etc that probably helps.

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/128908987830036/

Host: HappyFresh